Most companies are dependent on logistics in one way or another.

They need their logistics to flow smoothly and to be environmentally responsible and economical. These are traits that Åkeri AB Nils Olof Nilsson in Trelleborg has developed over its 60 years in the industry.

Thank you very much for the perfect service.

Eckard Meyer, Lerbs GmbH

NON is an independent haulier that specialises in international transports and has enjoyed over 60 years in the industry.

The company's history dates back to 1950, when Nils-Olof Nilsson bought a haulage company with a fleet of two vehicles. He initially transported animals, but operations grew and eventually consisted largely of grain transports. 1964 was a breakthrough year. After three rejections and a letter to the King, he was granted authorisation to carry out transports in Germany.

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